Event - Announcement of Performance Excellence Plan@ CreativeEye

by Prachi Patwardhan Joshi

Posted on Set 25, 2018 at 12:00 PM

The time was for announcing the Performance Excellence Plan, the otherwise serious presentation.. But we at Hripple, always like to present with a twist.

We took this opportunity to know the employees of our Client, an Advertising and Catalogue designing firm that specializes in In-House photography and catalogue designing.

We began the session by an enthralling icebreaker, revealing interesting traits of the employees and how well they know each other.

Then it was time to announce the performance excellence plan. This too was showcased in a positive stride to emphasize on the positive aspects of introducing target based incentives and also behavioral excellence plan, all for the betterment of each individual, thereby resulting in the firm’s progress.

To end this session, we played a quick dynamic game to showcase the effect of working in a group rather than working individually. A great understanding of team spirit and inter-group communication were the takeaways from this activity.

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