Inhale the future and Exhale the past!

by Prachi Patwardhan Joshi

Posted on Aug 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Here at HRipple we aim at brightening the lives of people associated with us. Hence, a stress releasing, yet fun filled yoga session was conducted for our people to kick-start the week by WE LIVE YOGA. A variety of Assans were taught to our team right from basic breathing to stress busters. The session commenced with breathing, followed by a variety of stretches and postures that benefit a sedentary lifestyle. The beauty of the session was that the Assans were short and quick that it could be easily practiced in the office on your respective seats. The session ended with a personal touch, where our team members were taught specific postures varying to their medical concerns. The session created a very positive and peaceful environment.

In the pursuit of Happiness; any kind of physical activity always helps and Yoga is most definitely the tried and tested method to make the mind healthier and the body more productive. We are now also partnering with WE LIVE YOGA to conduct custom made workshops for our clients!

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