Life at HRipple Solutions!!

by Prachi Patwardhan Joshi

Posted on Oct 02, 2017 at 12:00 PM

At the offset we would like to thank you all for your likes and comments on the social media. Besides our exciting work, reading your comments really makes us feel good. Starting our blog series with giving you a little closer peep into life in general at HRipple Solutions! Also we are a small and cozy (crazy is also valid!!) team and we multitask, writing blogs is not a responsibility here, it comes naturally with the intention of sharing our views with people at large. Everyone in the team here at HRipple Solutions is eager to write, hence you will get to read different flavours & rawness in our pen!

First blog in this series is about Our Office! The idea behind building(decorating) our office space the way it looks today was to give it a very comfortable yet functional look and feel. Comfortable - certainly yes! We do not follow fixed seating & we all tend to shift places during the day depending on our moods and nature of work, there is both casual & formal seating space. Not to forget our favourite wall with bright colours thrown all over. Functional - Most definitely! We have delivered mammoth tasks out this office. Its fully functional with office desks, eating area, small meeting place, pantry, printing solutions etc. Not to forget the ancient lantern and modern-day seating solutions teamed with some office greens, that ensure that there are no blues!! 😊

Those who fancy to be associated and with our not so fancy yet so unique setup, say hello at We love to talk and listen!

P.S. Coming up next, Our People!

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