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Event-Announcement of Performance Excellence Plan@ CreativeEye

The time was for announcing the Performance Excellence Plan, the otherwise serious presentation.. But we at Hripple, always like to present with a twist.

We took this opportunity to know the employees of our Client, an Advertising and Catalogue designing firm that specializes in In-House photography and catalogue designing.

We began the session by an enthralling icebreaker, revealing interesting traits of the employees and how well they know each other.

Then it was time to announce the performance excellence plan. This too was showcased in a positive stride to emphasize on the positive aspects of introducing target based incentives and also behavioral excellence plan, all for the betterment of each individual, thereby resulting in the firm's progress.

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Set 25,2018

Employee Engagement at Goldmine.

Ganpati Painting competition was organised for one of our client Goldmine Advertising to welcome and celebrate Lord Ganesha and most importantly to bring in their Value of living in the PRESENT moment which is to come together joyfully with everyone.

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Set 21,2018

Pebbles and Parachutes

At HRipple, we constantly strive to find innovative ways to help our clients and our team successfully deal with business/people challenges they may face. One such innovation is the  "Pebbles and Parachutes" activity; which was tried and tested  within our own team as well to get a taste of our own medicine...

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Aug 15,2018

Inhale the future and Exhale the past!

Here at HRipple we aim at brightening the lives of people associated with us. Hence, a stress releasing, yet fun filled yoga session was conducted for our people to kick-start the week by WE LIVE YOGA. A variety of Assans were taught to our team right from basic breathing to stress busters. The session commenced with breathing, followed by a variety of stretches and postures that benefit a sedentary lifestyle. The beauty of the session was that the Assans were short and quick that it could be easily practiced in the office on your respective seats....

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Aug 10,2018

Elevate your corporate performance!

HRipple Solutions presents Elevate - For all those who are about to begin their corporate careers and for those who have recently started off and are looking at achieving greater heights.

Elevate your corporate performance!

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Dec 20,2017

Complete HR Setup for Digital Domain India

Glad to be associated with Digital Domain India!!!

We are proud to have put-together their entire initial team of 200+ Artists and Support staff sourced from various cities in India and have managed the overall HR setup. We wish DD India all the very best and look forward to a continuous association.

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Nov 01,2017

Life at HRipple Solutions!!

At the offset we would like to thank you all for your likes and comments on the social media. Besides our exciting work, reading your comments really makes us feel good. Starting our blog series with giving you a little closer peep into life in general at HRipple Solutions! Also we are a small and cozy (crazy is also valid!!) team and we multitask, writing blogs is not a responsibility here, it comes naturally with the intention of sharing our views with people at large. Everyone in the team here at HRipple Solutions is eager to write, hence you will get to read different flavours & rawness in our pen!

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Oct 02,2017